Fan Teases Crossover Project, ‘Marvel vs. DC: Rise Of The Villains’

Facilitating The Fans

For most of the comic fanbase, the most anticipated matchup is pitching Marvel heroes and villains against those from DC. While this has happened many times in the comics, there has yet to be an on-screen adaption. Sparking fans to create their own versions, and Mightyraccoon! on YouTube does just this.

The short three-minute video sets up a premise that would be entirely sublime should it ever show up on the silver screen. The video starts off with villains from both universes interrogating The Punisher, who isn’t even close to breaking. As the video continues, we are introduced to more villains and heroes. Finishing with Joker and Harley Quinn leading the interrogation as back-up arrives in the form of Wonder Woman, Cyborg, and Spider-Man.

Animating The Action

Mightyraccoon! does a fantastic job of animating the short trailer. Each character animated in a style that match their personality and characteristics. Mightyraccoon! does a brilliant job of setting up a story that could quite easily transition onto the pages of a comic and honestly, it is definitely one that I would enjoy reading. Leaving the fans wanting for more at the end of the video, ending it with such a climatic ending.

Righteous Recommendations

If however, you find that this doesn’t satisfy your want and need for comic characters going at each other, might I recommend you have a look at these wonderful YouTubers; Ismahawk and batinthesun. Both of these are fantastic YouTube channels that use real-life actors in their videos pitting heroes and villains against each other. Ismahawk does an absolutely outstanding Nightwing mini-series that I highly recommend as well.

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