‘Justice League’ Week 1 Box Office Update

Justice League opened in North America at a $94 million weekend.

While a $94 million opening is no small achievement, it was lower than predicted. The projections ranged from as high as $150 to $110 million. Interestingly, it is also the lowest opening of any DC Extended Universe film. Man of Steel opened at $116 million. Batman V Superman opened at $166 million. Suicide Squad opened at $134 million. Most recently, Wonder Woman opened at $103 million.

Overseas, Justice League earned $185 million in 56 international markets. The combined foreign and domestic gross make for a $279 million worldwide box office.

Is ‘Justice League’ a Disappointment?

With the opening numbers coming in lower than expected, people are already calling the movie a disappointment. But, the film’s biggest test is the second weekend box office numbers. Historically, the audience attendance has steep declines for DCEU films, with the exception of Wonder Woman. For example, Batman v Superman’s box office dropped whopping 70% from its opening weekend.

However, the bright side is that Justice League has a better chance of having box office staying power than Batman v Superman. It opened in America during Thanksgiving week, where many workplaces and schools are off. The film also has a higher Rotten Tomato rating than any DCEU flick except for Wonder Woman. Finally, the CinemaScore audience rating gave the movie a B+ rating, indicating a higher audience satisfaction rate than critics.

Hopefully, we will see some decent legs as this movie’s theatrical run continues.

Justice League is now in theaters.

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