New ‘Justice League’ Clips Hit the Internet

New clips from Justice League are on the web and they are amazing.

The four clips showcase different aspects of the movie. But, lets break it down individually.

The World Needs Superman

Bruce Wayne and Alfred discuss why he needs to put the Justice League together. Moreso, Wayne admits that the League needs Superman because he is the most human of them all in many ways. This is the complete 180 turnaround of how Batman viewed Superman in Batman V Superman. But since Superman’s heroic sacrifice, Batman has a huge change of heart. This scene personifies the drama of his character growth.

Steppenwolf Attacks

This is an all-out action clip. And there is a lot going on. Batman just saved Wonder Woman from a Parademon and then Cyborg hijacks Batman’s Nightcrawler vehicle to battle Steppenwolf. While all of this occurs, we find out that they are battling under the tunnels of Gotham Harbor. Why would Steppenwolf want to have his Parademon invasion in Gotham City? That is the question that hopefully will be answered in the film.

Wonder Woman Saves Hostages

Here is an all-Wonder Woman action clip. They showed a truncated version of this scene in the trailers. However, here we see Wonder Woman dispatch a gang of armed robbers and a bomb in ridiculously fast action. Like, literally 15-seconds fast. With speed and agility that fast, one would think that she is channeling the Flash. However, Wonder Woman is embedded with the speed of Greek god Hermes, so it is not unusual to see her that quick.

What is odd is that the robbers do not seem to recognize who Wonder Woman is. Did she really take a 100 year break between World War I at the end of her film only to reappear for the first time in Batman V Superman? This seems to open up more questions that Justice League is probably not going to provide. It is probably best to not pull on that plot thread for fear of unravelling the proverbial sweater.

Commissioner Gordon Meets the Team

Now this clip is the one that longtime fans of Tim Burton’s Batman films will love. It features the return of the Danny Elfman Batman theme. That automatically makes the clip 1000 times better. Especially since Batman did not have a noticable theme score in Batman V Superman.

Regarding the actual scene, it is cool for Commission Gordon to meet the Justice League for the first time. What is hilarious is that the best intel he could give the League is what appears to be a child’s crayon drawing of a Parademon. Did he snatch that drawing from a child in an effort to show Batman? Or is that drawing the best artistic efforts by Gotham PD’s sketch artist division?

Justice League hits theaters November 17, 2017.

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