Two More ‘Justice League’ Posters Revealed

It must be a good time to work in graphic design for Warner Bros. Over the past week or two, they have been pumping out poster after poster for the upcoming film Justice League.

During the Justice League press junket in London, two new posters have been debuted. One features the League members, with Batman front and center, and his Flying Fox vehicle behind them. Also present is the film’s villain, Steppenwolf, with his face appearing in the smoke above the Flying Fox.

Interesting to note, the “JL” shield seen from the film’s promotional material is on the Flying Fox in this poster. It’s unclear if that’s just marketing for the film or if it’s actually in the film. With Bruce Wayne being a business man by day, it wouldn’t surprise me if he decides to market his superpowered team with a logo in the DC Films Universe.

The second poster features the team jumping out of the Flying Fox and into action. The superpowered members are striking action poses, while Batman is above them with his cape flared out, doing his best impression of the Batman Begins poster.

There are only two weeks remaining before Justice League hits theaters, and at this rate, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see at least one or two more posters for the film. Of the ones that have been released, which are you planning on gracing your home or office with? Let us know!

Justice League hits theaters this month, on November 17th.

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