Geoff Johns Clarifies that the DC Films Will Be Connected

Yesterday, we reported on a new statement from DC Entertainment President, Diane Nelson and DC Films co-chairman, Geoff Johns that indicated that from here on out, the DC film universe will change their approach to the connectivity of their universe. With the divisive reaction to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice‘s hamfisted attempts to kickstart a shared universe and then, the reaction to Wonder Woman‘s minimalist approach, DC Films decided a change seemed somewhat necessary. To sum up what was said, moving forward, DC Films will maintain a shared universe, however each individual story will no longer heavily highlight and push their connectivity. Each movie will maintain its own identity, to be driven by the filmmaker and not the shared universe.

With that being said, journalists and fans all over the Internet took that to mean that the DC film universe will cease to exist and the connectivity of the universe will be thrown out the window. This demonstrates once more that you really can’t say anything on the Internet without one incomplete detail being blown out of context.

Therefore, a fan of the DC connected movies pleaded with Geoff Johns on Twitter to keep the movies’ connection. Geoff Johns put the matter to bed with one simple statement:

There you have it, folks. That’s pretty cut and dry. The movies will continue to be connected in some way, but it just won’t be thrown in your face or forced in needlessly.

Personally, I actually enjoyed the way Suicide Squad connected to the larger whole of the universe. The events of BvS reverberated through the government, calling Amanda Waller to action, while the cameos felt organic as it profiled each member of the squad and how they ended up in prison. Wonder Woman‘s minimalist approach was very smart in grounding it in the universe, while still telling an extremely personal story that belongs to Wonder Woman only.

What do you think?

Justice League will hit theatres on November 17th, 2017.

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