25 Years, 25 Harleys – Harley Quinn’s Birthday Video

It’s Harley Quinn’s Birthday!

Tomorrow marks the silver anniversary of Harley Quinn’s debut. As well as a sit-down chat with co-creator Paul Dini on DC All-Access, Bruce Timm – her other daddy – has appeared on a second tribute video.

Happy Birthday Harleen Quinzel… I hope those aren’t exploding candles on your birthday cake!

Harley Quinn actually appeared first in the terrific Batman: The Animated Series in the episode “Joker’s Favor” in September 1992. Her first comics appearance was in The Batman Adventures #12, a year later.

She made her first in-continuity comics appearance as part of the classic Batman: No Man’s Land, in the original graphic novel Batman: Harley Quinn, back in January 1999. In 25 years She’s gone from TV star, to comics character, to movie icon. I guess you just can’t keep a bad girl down!

So, here’s Harley Quinn’s Birthday video, entitled “25 Years, 25 Harleys”

On September 23rd Harley will be hijacking Batman Day. Comics, the internet and the world may never be the same again! She may have changed her looks over the years, but her wacky ways have always been a constant source of fun, and entertainment.

Happy Birthday, Harley Quinn! Good night, sleep tight… don’t let the hyenas bite.

Now, lead me back to my padded cell, please. I wanna lawyer, I wanna doctor… I wanna cheese sam’wich!

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