DC’s ‘Titans’ TV Show Finds Its Villain

The news for the latest DC Comics TV show, Titans, has been coming through on a regular basis over the past few weeks. We received word that Dick Grayson, Hawk and Dove, Starfire and Raven have all been cast and now according to thathashtagshow.com, we now know who the villain will be.

According to a casting call the Titans will be facing of against…. The Acolyte.

The Acolyte first appeared in 1999 in the title known as Young Justice. The character has never actually been a part of the Titans lore, however according to the description, it appears that he will be tied in very closely to Raven as he is responsible for the death of her adoptive mother.

The Acolyte – Male. African-American 40-50. Confident.  The villain of our story. He is after Rachel and her powers, trying to kidnap her after he murders her mother.

The casting call also let us know that we will be seeing Raven’s mother, at least in the pilot.

Angela – Female 40-50. Rachel’s (adoptive) mom. She gets killed in an attempt to kidnap Rachel.

Who is “The Acolyte”?

The Acolyte in Young Justice

In the comic books, The Acolyte was a human who pretended to be an immortal, but he was eventually revealed to be an ordinary human. Is this version of The Acolyte trying to gain power for himeself or could he be working for a higher power such as Raven’s real father, the demonic Trigon?

The casting call states that he “is after Rachel and her powers”. It is possible that this threat to Raven is what brings the Titans together as a team.

Here is the offical synopsis for the show:

Titans follows a group of young soon-to-be Super Heroes recruited from every corner of the DC Universe. In this action-packed series, Dick Grayson emerges from the shadows to become the leader of a fearless band of new heroes, including Starfire, Raven, and many others. Titans is a dramatic, live-action adventure series that will explore and celebrate one of the most popular comic book teams ever.

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