‘Nightwing’ Director Urges Fans To Be Patient

LEGO Batman Movie director McKay Wants To Do Nightwing Right

Director Chris McKay

It’s no secret that Chris McKay is a fan of all things related to Batman. Case in point: The LEGO Batman Movie. Aside from recurring themes about teamwork and family, the film shows McKay’s genuine affection for the Dark Knight and his supporting cast. When it was announced that he was tapped to direct a movie with Batman’s protégé Nightwing a few months ago, the news almost shut down the internet.

It would only make sense that we would get some update at San Diego Comic Con this year, right? Unfortunately, McKay was a no-show, and this left fans wondering where he was, and why he was not present. One fan was bold enough to ask McKay directly on Twitter. The response was positive and satisfying:

It looks like a Nightwing film has McKay’s full and undivided attention. Fans everywhere I hoping for Warner Bros. to flesh out this unchartered territory of Batman movies. Suicide Squad could be considered a first step since it had several characters from the Dark Knight’s Rogues Gallery. It even featured a cameo from Ben Affleck. Here’s to hoping he continues this trend with appearances in this film and the proposed Batgirl movie led by Joss Whedon.

Personally, I also want a Nightwing movie done right. What do you think? Did you want to hear news about the film, or do you want to wait? Who should play Nightwing/Dick Grayson? Should other DC Extended Universe characters appear in a Nightwing movie? Sound off! Leave a comment below and on our social media links!

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