‘The LEGO Batman Movie’ Featurette on Animation Process Released Online

For those holding on to antiquated technology like Blu-Rays and DVDs, The LEGO Batman Movie has arrived. The physical copies hit store shelves last Tuesday, June 13. However, across the pond, it’s being released tomorrow, June 19th.

To whet the appetite of those still awaiting their release, a new featurette has hit the Internet via the Independent.co.uk. It’s a short video showcasing the painstaking and somewhat tedious job of animating the LEGO movies. It seems, because the movie is based on LEGO figurines, their movements are very limited and it’s up to the animators to figure out how to tell the story in the scope of those limited movements.

Stop-Motion Magic

It’s a really fascinating watch, check it out below:

Right down to the mouth movements, these animators have to meticulously animate everything. It’s an eye-opening featurette showing all the effort put into an animated movie. Really, I wonder how long it takes to produce a minute-long scene with a lot of dialogue.

For those in North America, be sure to grab your copy of The LEGO Batman Movie, which is out now on Blu-Ray/DVD and Digital Download.

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