DKN Visits Anime North 2017

by Sharna Jahangir
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It’s exciting when comics clash with other forms of art. This weekend, May 26th – May 28th, DKN was graciously welcomed to attend Anime North 2017 at the Toronto Congress Center, Canada – the 4th largest anime convention in North America. This year, the event hosted about 17,000 fans. Anime North focuses on manga, anime, and information on Japanese culture. It is a non-profit fan-run convention. The convention uses the earnings to fundraise for Toronto’s Sick Kids Hospital, a hospital dedicated entirely to children up until age 18. In the previous year, they raised over $80,000 for this cause.

Although American comics were not the main focus, the con still created a welcoming atmosphere for all types of fans. The convention carried a wide selection of dealers. My favorite stop in particular in the dealer’s room was One Million Comix, located on Toronto’s Yonge Street, mainly because they had wicked sets for Batman action figures, at a very reasonable price (remember, these are Canadian dollars). The dealer’s room has great deals every year.

DC Comics has teamed up with Shiori Teshirogi to write and publish a Japanese manga of the Justice League. Check out our article for more information and the release date.

A highlight of the con was their acrobats; it was beautiful. I honestly thought they would make an excellent casting choice if we ever need a Dick Grayson!

Comics and mangas have their clear-cut differences. However, they share many similarities. Both are forms of modern art and storytelling. They are creative, require hardwork, dedication, and high morals. Thus, it is not surprising that fans overlap. They also inspire each other. The new DC animated films, based on the New 52 character designs, carry multiple expressions and reference to anime style art. Batman: Year One was another film that used authentic Japanese animation as well. I attend this convention almost yearly, and one of the gorgeous phenomena at Anime North are the cosplays. Below are shots of a few of our heroes:

The effort placed in their costumes are dedicated, and honestly, they were such a sweet crowd. They welcomed photography. I cosplayed Wonder Woman, and DC comrades and members of the Justice League excitedly called to have me join in. Everyone was exceptional, including Anime North’s staff. Thank you, from Dark Knight News, for welcoming us. The con was an enjoyable experience.

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