‘Powerless’ Officially Cancelled. DC’s First Sitcom Not Renewed For Second Season

As a fan of the show, it is with a fair amount of sadness that I report the official cancellation of NBC’s Powerless. According to Variety, DC’s first sitcom will not be renewed for a second season.

As Dark Knight News’ official reviewer for this show, I will admit that, although I really enjoyed watching it, the news did not come as a huge surprise.

Recently, we reported that NBC had pulled the last three episodes of season one from its schedule. This, in itself, seemed to toll the death knell of the show. When the show’s varying ratings and mixed reviews are also taken into account, the cancellation comes as no big shock.

One thing that most viewers will agree on is that the show’s cast were all first rate. I have said throughout my reviews that Alan Tudyk, in particular, was phenomenal as Van Wayne. This character could have been detestable, but Tudyk played him so well, that you couldn’t help but feel for the guy.

Show Me The Funny

Vanessa Hudgens’ Emily Locke was also a likeable character, annoying but lovable. Ron Funches’ and Danny Pudi’s Ron and Teddy were the show’s very own Dynamic (or possibly Dysfunctional) Duo. All the actors were really starting to find their characters and their groove. After a fashion, the series itself was just starting to find its identity, but sadly it was all too late.

It was fun watching the guys and girls of Wayne security trying to get on with their ordinary lives in a superhuman world, hilarious seeing which of their wacky inventions would work, and heartwarming to watch them all slowly becoming a family. I hope that the show gets a DVD release with the missing unaired episodes included, but sadly, it seems that a comedy show isn’t really what comics fans want to see on their TVs.

All viewers want is action, special effects and explosions…

I can live with that.

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