Review: DC’s Powerless S1E09 – “Van Vs. Emily: Dawn Of Justice”

by Steve J Ray
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Van Wayne is all a-quiver

In this week’s pulse-pounding episode of DC’s Powerless:

Thrills! Daring rescues. Spills! Van makes his own coffee. Chills! Spiders and spider plants. Action! Archery and bows at the ready.

Get ready for a fairly ‘arrowing experience!

The latest instalment of Powerless is truly top notch. There are laughs aplenty, a superhero romance and the ultimate battle of the ages: Van Vs. Emily for the fate of the universe… well, actually for the fate of a bit of office space.

After the small but acceptable blip of episode 6, this show is really back on top form. The entire cast knows the ins and outs of their characters now, and are in full swing. Alan Tudyk’s Van Wayne is a child in a man’s body. He’s spoiled and he’s selfish, but you can’t help but love him. I think he’s the most lovable weirdo on television since Jim Parson’s stellar Sheldon Cooper, from The Big Bang Theory. Vanessa Hudgen’s Emily Locke is spirited, feisty, yet ultimately adorably annoying, or possibly annoyingly adorable. Ron Funches is real best buddy material and Danny Pudi plays everyman Teddy disturbingly close to what many men are like, but won’t readily admit.

Cupid, Draw Back Your Bow

After meeting Green Fury in last week’s episode, Teddy falls for her charms even more deeply when she saves his life, after another Jack O’Lantern attack. His relentless pursuit of her, despite the fact that he already has a girlfriend, is both funny and totally wrong in equal measure. Poor Ron has his work cut out when his bestie can’t see what’s right in front of him. Not even the robot repellent and laser extinguisher can put out the flames of his passion.

Meanwhile, tensions mount between Van and Emily when he refuses to give her an office. Their rivalry and archery contest, using the children’s Green Arrow play bow and sucker-tipped arrows, are absolutely hilarious.

Love’s arrow may have hit Teddy, but the bows are notched for war between Mr. Wayne and Ms. Locke.


This week the laughs and performances are right on target, with the actors and the writers really hitting the bulls-eye. I give the episode:

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