‘Young Justice’ Cast Begin Work on Season 3

When news broke late last year that smash-hit animated series Young Justice would be returning for that long-awaited season 3, fans and critics alike rejoiced. Following this initial announcement, it was discovered that most all of the original voice cast would be returning, sending the hype engine into over drive. Today, we have some more exciting news.

The Young Justice cast are back in the booths recording for Season 3.

This news was broken via Twitter from Aqualad voice actor Khary Payton, and you can check out what he said below!

With this news, we can start hoping for a release date announcement sometime in the near future. Considering it can take several months to animate an episode, my money would be on an early-mid 2018 release. Of course, there is also the issue of the show not having a network yet, so hopefully an announcement will be made regarding that shortly too.

Are you as excited as we are for Young Justice Season 3? Let us know what you’re most looking forward to or what you would most like to see down in the comments below!


Tyler Harris

Tyler is an actor by day, hermit by night, and musician by requirement. An avid reader and collector, Tyler has had a love for comics since his first exposure to them in the form of Batman: Knightfall as a child. Since that day, most all of his time and money have been split between his three loves: acting, comic books, and lasagna.