Review: Justice League Action S1E21

Battle for the Bottled City

This episode is a treat! Brainiac is one creepy-looking villain. He’s at it again, trying to add the City of Kandor, the last city salvaged from the ex-planet of Krypton, to his odd collection of shrunken objects. Brainiac uses Superman’s robots to gain access into the Fortress of Solitude. The Supermen robots were first introduced in the Silver Ages of comics in the 1950s and 1960s, as protectors of Kal’s Fortress of Solitude. This is a nice touch to this series.

Superman holds Kandor dearly, and how could he not? It is his last connection to home, and the citizens of Kandor welcome him with open, loving arms. He calls it home. Ray Palmer and Cyborg want to aid Superman to bring Kandor back to it’s original size.

Justice League Action has more content than a regular children’s cartoon. This is a lighthearted series, but it draws points from serious situations. In Batman/Superman issue 18 of the New 52 “Phantoms,” (my favorite New 52 series) Superman is hunting down a vicious serial killer who has been using citizens of Kandor as bullets. However, not without the help of Batman, and his cousin, Kara, Supergirl. Team ups are important! No one can succeed without friends. The killer hides himself in Kandor, and Ray Palmer, Atom, is the only man who can shrink down Superman to enter.

Back to the episode. Ray Palmer, Atom, explains the pseudo-science that was partially left out of the comic issue. I love hearing explanations on how things happen in the DC Universes:

Atom: “The kryptonite’s set, there’s just enough to weaken you, so my White Dwarf Tech can take effect. At least in theory.”

The humor is loveable as always.

Superman: “The City of Kandor was famous for its shopping center, the mall of Krypton.”

Superman: “The only kinda hunters down there are bargain hunters.”

I’ll just add in this panel, displaying how much the red sun in Kandor can weaken a kryptonian. And added humor, how could they not draw from the comics?

Oof! Kandor sounds like a fun trip!


Overall a fun, delightful episode. The Easter eggs were grin-worthy, and it being an 11 minute episode, it’s easy to stay focused and entertained.

Images courtesy of DC Entertainment

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