Sideshow & NECA Releases Picturesque Figurines of Catwoman

Sideshow and NECA unveiled their new figurines early this week.

From Slideshow

Slideshow presents Catwoman statues created by the beautifully talented Stanley Artgerm Lau. Lau is the co-founder of Imaginary Friends Studios, and has contributed multiple times to the DC world. His collection is of the highest quality.

The gorgeous sculpture of Catwoman, Selina Kyle, is tailored in high fashion, perfectly suiting the cost of a high-profile thief. She is one of DC’s bombshells girls, greatest Gotham’s villains, and one of the few women that has ever captured the Caped Crusader’s heart. This sculpture, with her wearing a devil-may-care grin, shines her deviant, playful personality. Laced around her is the symbolic whip; her mastery of that is one of her greatest strengths. Topped off with o-point glasses, entrancing painted lips, and a killer scarf tied around her neck. She’s ready to crash any charity ball, and would be a grand, quality addition to any collection. Available on the Slideshow website only, shipping begins in 2018.


NECA released a unique model as well. This version of Selina Kyle is portrayed by the Academy Award-nominated, Michelle Pfeiffer. This figurine does her iconic role justice in the cult classic, Batman Returns. The figure comes with two painted faces: one in her complete, sensual get-up, the other with her battle face, both looking fierce and stunning. For additional impact, her suit is battle-worn, the delicate stitching shows the creator’s attention to detail. As well as her claws. It’s not hard to recall those terrifying claws from the film; the figurine does not fall short. Her steel claws are portrayed to be damaged as if she finished a brawl with the Dark Knight. Priced at $104.99, this would be an intense part of the any collection.

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