Snyder Releases Visual Effects Video For ‘Batman v Superman’

by Ryan Lower
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Regardless of your (and everyone’s) thoughts on Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman, everyone can agree it looked nice.

The director has always been able to line up pretty shots, and his superhero blockbuster was no different. Now, he’s given all of us a look behind the curtain, and at all of the work his visual effects team put into the film.

Snyder tweeted out a 12-minute before and after video of the effects, and it’s pretty stunning.

For a larger version of the video, click below.

My Favorites

  • Bruce Wayne Metropolis scene
  • Knightmare fight
  • Batman fighting Superman
  • Doomsday sequence

Those scenes are the most impressive to me. Only pure cinephiles watch and think “how’d they do that?” Thanks to Snyder, we now know.

Batman v Superman may be behind us, but Justice League is coming. Prepare for more of these videos in the future.

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