Michael Shannon Never Actually Went to the ‘Batman v Superman’ Set

Despite Michael Shannon’s comments in previous encounters, Zod’s role in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was extremely limited to his naked corpse and some flashbacks. While the movie was revving up, he also mentioned, bizarrely, that the character would suddenly be sporting flippers. It seems like Shannon simply likes to make up stories as a comment in a new interview indicates that he was actually never on the set to begin with.

Currently, Shannon is doing press for his new movie, Nocturnal Animals, which reunites him with his BvS co-star, Amy Adams. In an interview with Metro.us, he revealed that he never actually stepped foot on set.

The interviewer remarks about the number of films he’s appeared in during the year and mentions how he was barely in BvS for it to count. Shannon responds:

“To be honest, I never went to the set of that movie ever. I did some ADR, I recorded some lines that Zack wasn’t even sure he was going to use — like, creepy sh!t – I’d be saying to Lex Luthor in the spirit world or wherever. I don’t even know if it’s in the movie or not. I do seem to recall a giant, rubber, naked version of my body.” 

For those of you interested, that wasn’t actually his naked body either.

It’s hard to really want to take Shannon’s word for much these days after his “flippers” story and how he implied that he had a much larger role. So it seems that Shannon’s voice, stock footage, and his maybe his face mold appeared in BvS.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice: Ultimate Edition is out now everywhere.

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