‘Batman: Arkham VR’s’ First 12 Minutes of Gameplay are Up!

Rocksteady Studios have provided us with an amazing gaming journey with the Batman Arkham trilogy. Now, the VR experience is coming to those gaming enthusiasts who really want to know what it is like to be the Batman. The fully immersive experience will require you to use a virtual reality headset, and like never before you will don the cape and cowl!

If you can’t wait for its release, you can can now watch the first twelve minutes of the actual gameplay.

The opening of the highly anticipated game is all about setting the scene for the player. You will be introduced into your environment, and shown how to interact and work your way through the controls to give you the best possible experience. As with most Batman stories, you will be taken through the dreadful night when Bruce lost his parents. From there, you will put on the cape and cowl and be shown how to use the appropriate weaponry and own the night!

Both Batman: Arkham VR and PlayStation VR are scheduled for release in October 2016.

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