‘Suicide Squad’ Blasts Past $500 Million Worldwide

DC’s villains aren’t stealing money, they’re earning it.

The latest Warner Bros. comic book film Suicide Squad continues to march toward box office gold, surpassing $500 million worldwide on Wednesday. Forbes is reporting that the movie tacked on another $4.1 million in the U.S. on Wednesday, bringing its domestic total to $238 million, and adding up to $509 million worldwide.

Not bad for a movie about villains that had a budget of $175 million. Certainly, it was bombed by critics but it has received a good response from fans, who ultimately control the fate of the film with their wallets. You may recall, Suicide Squad came out of the gates swinging (as did Harley Quinn), debuting to an August opening weekend record of $133.6 million. Those numbers didn’t necessarily censor the critics, but showed the studio there is enough interest and faith in the DC characters to continue building this world on film.

Personal prediction: with the film still set to premiere in a few markets overseas, the movie will reach the $600 million mark worldwide, $300 million here domestically. That’s enough to put a smile on everyone’s face… or hand.

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