DKN Visits CosPlay Con 2016


By now you know that we at DKN love covering conventions of all sizes. This past weekend, some of us had the privilege of attending CosPlay Con, which took place on June 4 at the Taylor Town Trade Center in Taylor, Michigan. Boasting a generous showroom floor and quite possibly the most affordable food ever made available at a con, it was perhaps the most fun I had at a show of a smaller scale.

There was a decent amount of stuff to experience and I would like to share the finer points with you. Yes, there were obviously cosplayers in attendance, which I will get to in a moment.


Rachel Carroll

As with any good con, there should be no shortage of tables at which you can buy various comic books, graphic novels, and toys. This event had that in spades along with various local crafters showcasing their wares. Not only that, notable comic book artists such as Jason Moore and Scott Rosema were there to greet fans along with local indie creators like Rachel Carroll, writer and artist for The Sick Rose Vampires.

Speaking of Carroll, whom I’ve interviewed before, she had the following to say regarding the newly released second book in the series, Skin of the Night:

“So, in book two of The Sick Rose Vampires, we are learning more about the major characters, both vampire and human. We also find out that there’s an element of vigilante justice going on as far as who is chosen as victims. There’s a little bit more romance and also visually there are a little more traditional comic book elements such as speech bubbles and action shots in the drawings.”


This is normally something I save for last in my con coverage articles, but considering this particular show had a primary focus on this aspect of fandom, it felt more appropriate here and you will soon see why. Enjoy these shots of some of our favorites from around the showroom floor.


As you may have guessed, there were multiple costume contests: one for children, one for teens and adults, and one exclusively for those 18 and over. There were indeed some fine entrants who did terrific jobs on their chosen attire. Here’s a look at some of the big winners.


It’s not often that I’m able to stick around for raves/after parties, so I was quite happy to stay for this event’s cosplay ball. DJ Dos Lopez was on deck for the evening and those who stayed were treated to pizza and pop, a winning combination. I had a great time and met some cool new people that I will hopefully see again in the near future.

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Photos taken by Alexander Leo Carr.

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