DC Collectibles Releases Details for their ‘Batman v Superman’ and ‘Suicide Squad’ Figures

With the Toy Fair going on in New York this weekend, expect a lot of toy and figure news coming at you this weekend and beyond.

When it comes to highly detailed and collectible figures, you usually don’t look any further than that of Hot Toys. However, to celebrate capitalism, there are other choices such as Medicom’s more affordable Miracle Action Figure EX, or you can go with the stylized Play Arts Kai figures by game developers Square Enix.

I suppose DC wanted to saturate the market even further with their line of high detailed figures, DC Collectibles. This weekend, they announced their new line of figures for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Man of Steel, and Suicide Squad. Each figure has 36 points of articulation and comes with some swappable parts and/or accessories.

Armored Batman will come with swappable hands to hold his grenade launcher or grapple gun. Supes will instead resemble David Duchovny, comes with 3 swappable sets of hands, and a swappable head with glowing red eyes. Wonder Woman will feature her signature golden lasso, her shield and sword as seen in the trailers, and a pair of hands. And Luthenberg will have a case full of kryptonite, hands, and an interchange head for his shiny bald dome. Bats and Supes will be made available in September, while Wonder Woman and Lex will be a couple months after in November. Bats will retail at $50, with the rest at $45.

For some odd reason, they’ve decided to release some figures for Man of Steel.

Zod will come with an interchangeable set of hands, with three different heads. Faora will come with a masked head, hands, and a knife. While Papa Jor-El will come with armor, a rifle, and hands. These figures will be out in September at a cost of $45 each.

And lastly, we’ve got some Suicide Squad members, previously mentioned in this week’s DC All Access.

Pyrokinetic El Diablo is available, but no details on his accessories so far, except that little flame in his hand. I’m pretty sure we’re all more concerned about the Harley Quinn figure. Harley will be come with a pistol, the now infamous bat, and the explosive collar that Squad members will be wearing in the flick. No word yet on price, but these figures are expected to be released some time next year.

Worth your time?

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will be out on March 25th, 2016. Suicide Squad hits theatres August 5th, 2016. Man of Steel was released to theatres on June 14th, 2013.

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