Review: Batman/Superman #29

Writer: Tom Taylor

Penciller: Robson Rocha & Julio Ferreira

Inks: Dexter Vines, Wade von Grawbadger, and Norm Rapmund

Colors: Blond

Letters: Rob Leigh

Cover: Yanick Maquette

Editor: David Wohl

Group Editor: Eddie Berganza

Tom Taylor writes Part 2 of his three-part story titled, “Universe’s Finest” in Batman/Superman #29.

This issue picks up right where Batman/Superman #28 left off and takes the title to new heights. Featuring well-timed humor and mystery, along with twists and turns, escapes and near-misses, Batman/Superman #29 is one stellar read.

The story is really solid and well-paced. The panels are full and vibrant, adding intrigue to the truncated but impactful dialogue. We get good chemistry between the lead characters, as Batman and Superman quip back and forth amidst the developing whodunit. We learn not everyone is as they seem. Superman travels to a distant yellow sun to trace the meaning of the Kryptonian message from last issue. Batman is left flying solo and soon squares off against the Czarnian hitman, Lobo. Superman is betrayed by one of his own, but why? Rather than being a cliche device, the cliffhanger here builds interest and leaves readers clamoring for more of this story.

The art is impeccable in Batman/Superman #29. The colors are vibrant and really draw the eye to its incredibly detailed images. The scope of the images are epic in nature and whisk readers into the action. I found myself audibly saying, “Wow,” on sight of several panels.

In many iterations of Batman, Bruce’s eyes are whitened or lost in shadow – emotionless, intimidating, hidden. And, most of the time, I’m okay with that. Here in Batman/Superman #29, however, Batman’s well-articulated blue eyes tell a story when words cannot.

One interesting panel features Batman with Wolverine-esque claws protruding out of his space suit with considerable damage to one unlucky Lobo (It’s also one of the more humorous exchanges in the issue!).

After initial reservation, Batman/Superman is quickly becoming one of my favorites. The weaving together of incredible art, subtly poignant and timely dialogue, along with solid super-hero action and adventure we’d expect from the pairing of these two iconic characters is superb.

Batman/Superman #29 shines in all the right places. Writing and plot, art and action all come together for one of the best comics I’ve read and reviewed in quite some time. This one is all-around awesome, and well worth the attention of DC readers.

My score:

**Additionally, Batman/Superman #29 features a Neal Adams variant cover this month, paying tribute to his classic cover from Green Lantern/Green Arrow #85, September 1971. This issue is known as one of the clearest examples of a transition that brought comics to the fore as a well-informed and timely commentator on contemporary cultural issues. A true classic in every sense of the word!


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