Review: Swamp Thing #2

Writer: Len Wein

Artist: Kelley Jones

Longtime fans of DC’s bayou bad ass can rest assured that the first issue of the latest Swamp Thing mini-series was no fluke and the story continues in valiant fashion. Len Wein once again supplies descriptive narrative and believable dialogue that is compounded with Kelley Jones’ unreal artwork to create a Swamp Thing adventure to not only savor, but to become completely immersed in.

This issue picks up not long after the brutal attack that concluded the previous one as Swampy heals himself, so all is well on that front. As for Laszlo Wormwood, there is no shortage of the havoc he’s been wreaking. And, thanks to Swamp Thing seeking counsel from Shade, we learn the sinister truth behind the zombified Laszlo.

Let’s just say Swamp Thing gives Mr. Wormwood an ass-whooping that will make you cheer. I’m not entirely sure if the threat has been definitively dealt with, but I guess we will find out next month. The cliffhanger sees the return of a character that many Swamp Thing fans should be familiar with. As usual, I’m not going to spoil a detail such as this.

I really do like how this feels like a Vertigo book that is somehow taking place within the DC Universe proper. It merges the horror and superhero genres rather nicely and should please old and new fans alike.


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