Footage From the Cancelled ‘Dark Knight’ Video Game is Revealed


Remember when The Dark Knight came out back in 2008 and blew everybody away? That was an amazing year for Batman fans who were treated to all sorts of Batman-related merchandise when the movie hit. However, there was a lingering video game-shaped hole in our Batman-loving hearts that remained unfulfilled.

A little history: when The Dark Knight was first announced as a follow-up to Batman Begins, video game publisher EA almost immediately began to work on a video game counterpart. EA  partnered up with video game developer Pandemic to work on The Dark Knight game. Unfortunately, due to a combination of middling reviews and sales from Batman Begins’ video game, poor management, and a plethora of production setbacks, The Dark Knight video game was eventually cancelled.

Video game commentator Unseen 64 released a YouTube video detailing the sordid production of the game, offering insight into the reasons why it was cancelled and even some concept art and rough footage of the gameplay. The video is an interesting watch and is definitely a good insight on how complicated a process it takes to make a video game. Too bad that it cheated us Batman fans out of a potentially awesome video game. For a more detailed account, check out the video below.

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