Get A Look Inside The Batcave in ‘Batman v Superman’


Since its inception in the 1943 movie serials, the Batcave has been a key part of the Batman mythos. It’s where The Dark Knight spends a majority of his time when he’s not patrolling the streets of Gotham City. Whether he’s piecing together a mystery on the Bat Computer, building a new Batmobile, or just honing his martial arts skills with a protege, his high tech headquarters has served as the backdrop for many key scenes.

Today, I’m happy to say that we have a look inside the Batcave as seen in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (courtesy of Entertainment Weekly) and it doesn’t disappoint. Batman’s base of operations hasn’t looked this good since the Burton/Schumacher series of films. As good as the Christopher Nolan films were, I was always disappointed that his Batcave was little more than a computer console in a dark cave.

Here are two looks: one of Bruce Wayne and Alfred Pennyworth hard at work and the other being a piece of concept art.

Credit: Entertainment Weekly

Credit: Entertainment Weekly

Ben Affleck also took time to speak to the magazine regarding Batman’s humanity and the eventual formation of the Justice League:

“[Batman] represents human beings, mortal men. In a world of Flashes and Aquamen and Supermen, there needs to be that guy. It’s interesting that he became the leader of the Justice League in the books — I’m not sure how that’ll play out here — but his humanity is also an asset.”

Additionally, Jeremy Irons states his version of Alfred isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty:

“Alfred is a lot more hands-­on in our film than he has previously been. He’s a bit of a grease monkey, and he’s very involved in the decisions Bruce makes.”

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice opens in theaters March 25, 2016.

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