Preview: JLA: Justice League of America #5 Gets Interim Creative Team


Writers: Matt Kint and Rob Williams

Penciller: Phillip Tan

As a reviewer assigned to Bryan Hitch’s run on JLA: Justice League of America, I have found myself waiting… and waiting… for the release of JLA: Justice League of America #5. The delays seem to be confirmed officially with the solicit for a JLA #5 boasting a new, albeit temporary, creative team of Matt Kindt, Rob Williams, Philip Tan, and Jason Paz.

Bryan Hitch is conspicuous by his absence.

JLA: Justice League of America #5 will now see Martian Manhunter face off against an alien serial killer in “Rage of the Martian Manhunter,” a tie-in to Martian Manhunter #7 coming soon.

Bryan Hitch’s Rao storyline is slated to continue in JLA: Justice League of America #6, and proceed from there.

Tardiness is hardly new to Hitch. The Ultimates, his first run on JLA, all notorious for delays. In a 2005 interview, Hitch noted, “Everyone thought of me as an unreliable artist.  I think it’s a reputation I’m working hard to recover.  ‘Cause I think people still now see me as an unreliable artist.”

With incredible talent comes incredible pressure – both internal and external. The detail and intricacy of Hitch’s work comes with a price:  it takes time and attention. One can be reliable and create lack-luster content. Brilliance is rarely a scheduled activity.

For me, it’s well worth the wait to have a cohesive story arch that meets the quality control of the author and artist – in this case, found in one person, Bryan Hitch. I am certain the Martian Manhunter story will be enjoyable, but I am inclined to wait for the conclusion of JLA: Justice League of America‘s Rao story.

JLA: Justice League of America #5 arrives in comic shops November 25.


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