Classic Batmobile Revealed in New ‘Arkham Insider’

The latest episode of Arkham Knight promotional web series Arkham Insider has unveiled a pack featuring the classic Batmobile from the 1960’s live-action TV series starring Adam West. Fans of the old show as well as the film will no doubt be delighted to get behind the wheel of the classic car and play on a track designed to evoke that classic, campy feel. It’s a very different experience than what we’ve seen from Arkham Knight–and all of the Arkham games, for that matter–so far.

But of course that’s all part of the fun. You can listen to the developers discuss the benefits as well as the challenges of a smaller but longer Batmobile and what the track has to offer players in the video below.

Sefton Hill is also on hand to talk about upcoming changes to the AR challenges.

Arkham Knight is available on PS4 and Xbox One.

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