‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ Sale on Amazon

So Batman: Arkham Knight has been out for a few a months now. Though I haven’t completed it to 100%, I’ve went through the majority of the game and I can honestly say that it’s possibly one of the best games I’ve ever played. My only real gripe about it is the overwhelming amount of gameplay involving the Batmobile. There’s a just a little too much for my taste. Sure, it’s satisfying to side-swipe an Arkham Knight Militia tank during a high-speed chase, but I prefer bashing their heads in with Batman’s fists.

But if you don’t own it? First off, I’d have to inquire about your mental stability. And then, I’d try to persuade you to purchase it now. It’s a good time to purchase it due to the wonderful things coming out for the game. The 1989 Batman skin pack for both Batman and the Batmobile was released just a few weeks ago and the Dark Knight Tumbler skin pack was just announced. If alternate costumes mean nothing to you, then can I possibly entice you with a Nightwing mission? That was also announced with the Dark Knight skin pack. And if none of that does anything for you and you prefer the more subtle approach… i.e. money, then I can direct you to Amazon.

That was a particularly exhaustive introduction to our piece of non-news for today. Amazon is having a random sale on Batman: Arkham Knight for both PS4 and Xbox One. A copy on the Xbox One will now run you about $44.50, while PS4 users are enjoying a deeper discount of $37.95. These prices only apply to hard copies, however. If you prefer a digital library, then you’re still going to have to pay the full price.

There’s no telling when this sale will end, so now’s the time to grab it!

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