Artist Ben Templesmith Shows Off How He Draws Batman

Not much of a horror fan myself, but there are certain aspects of horror I can appreciate. Most times, scaring me requires finesse and subtlety, therefore I’m not likely going to be watching any huge movies with tons of jump scares and gratuitous violence, but I will read the hell out of horror, however.

Ben Templesmith is a comic book artist, mostly known for co-creating the popular series 30 Days of Night. Apparently, he’s been working on a Batman Eternal spinoff entitled Gotham by Midnight. I’m a terrible Batman fan as I’ve never actually heard of the series until I came upon this story. Looking through the art on this series, I’m very much intrigued. It reminds me of Dave McKean’s work on Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth in that it’s a bit dreamlike, but completely creepy.

Well, today’s bit of non-news has Templesmith throwing us an Instagram video showing how he draws Batman.

Take a look:

Pretty darn cool. I may be looking into Gotham by Midnight now, actually.

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