5-Year-Old Batman Helps to Save Infant from Hot Car

Batman is often a reminder to everyone around that one does not need superpowers to do good things. It was heavily explored in the wonderful documentary, Legends of the Knight. It examined the impact that Batman has on current culture, specifically pinpointing those that Batman had inspired to do good.

Though the documentary bears little relation to our piece of non-news for today, I can at least hope that this boy’s attire helped to inspire courage in him to help out.

Here’s the scene: A grandmother just finished grocery shopping. She places her 1-year-old granddaughter, Iris, in her baby seat and proceeds to return the cart when all the doors lock on her with baby Iris locked inside as the sun beams in. I suppose she left the key inside because, try as they might, they could not open the car. Police became involved and still had little luck but to break the back window. The window was too small for any grown adult to crawl through. What do they do? Will baby Iris survive?

Enter Zavi Ahmed! A 5-year-old boy dressed as Batman, also shopping with his own family. The police recruit the young Batman to crawl through the window and open the door, saving the 1-year-old Iris from certain peril.


Okay, so really, the police did most of the ground work, but when it counted, Zavi was the real hero, right?! Right?! Batman saves the day once again.

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