Jared Leto Takes the Joker Seriously, Send Cast of ‘Suicide Squad’ Gifts in Character

It may be an unpopular opinion, but I liked that first image of the Suicide Squad cast as well as Jared Leto’s Joker, and I didn’t hear about the backlash until I read about the reaction after the fact. With filming under way, Leto’s Joker doesn’t look much better. The set photos showing him and Harley Quinn arguing makes the Joker look like Marilyn Manson outside of a night club. However, the look says nothing about the performance and we have no idea what the performance will be like yet.

What we have to judge now is Leto’s commitment to the Joker role. E Online caught up with Leto’s co-star, Adam Beach who will be playing Slipknot in Suicide Squad, and he intimated that Leto sent the cast relatively disturbing gifts as well as a video of him in character. After that, he realized that “this is real.”

Check the video below:

I have to admit, I’m excited after hearing this news. It’s always wonderful when an actor really gets into their role, so much so that the actor and the character become indistinguishable. Beach literally couldn’t tell from whom the gifts were sent.

Heath Ledger’s stunning, career-defining performance as the Joker had the actor lock himself in an apartment for months, attempting to become the Joker, keeping a diary as he descended into madness. Though it seems Leto isn’t quite as method (or drastic in his methods), it’s quite clear that he’s taking this role very seriously.

Source – E Online

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