‘Gotham’ Casts Jessica Lucas for New Version of Tigress

Though I enjoyed the first season of Gotham, I have to say that I’m not at all excited about the new season after that lackluster season finale. If there’s anything keeping me going, it’s the promise of those new villains as well as more of Cory Michael Smith’s Nygma.

Earlier this week, Gotham cast a brand new character named Theo Galavan, a new  billionaire industrialist who comes to the ruins of Gotham under the pretense of salvaging the once prosperous city. He was to played by James Frain, known for Thomas Cromwell in The Tudors. Apparently, underneath the facade, Galavan seeks vengeance against the city, a plan that will set into motion a few new villain origins. The casting news made mention of his sister, Tabitha Galavan, the woman who will become Tigress.

Following up on that news, it was revealed yesterday that Jessica Lucas of Cloverfield and Evil Dead (the remake) fame has been cast as the big cat-themed villainess. In typical Gotham fashion, this version of the character does not appear in the comics and will likely be inspired from the comic book character. Like most villainesses, Tigress is to be sensual, violent, and sadistic when inflicting that violence. Oh, and they also wanted it to be known that she carries a bullwhip.

So far, I’m not impressed. The descriptions of both characters are pretty much caricatures playing off gender stereotypes. The man is cold and calculating, while the woman is the complete opposite, where she is violent and sensual. It’s just annoying that the way they describe this character pretty much focuses on sex.

Jessica Lucas is a beautiful actress and she did a pretty decent job in Evil Dead, so I hope she can try to add depth to the character.

Season 2 of Gotham will hit the small screen on September 21.

Source – TVLine

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