New Episode of ‘Arkham Insider’ Explores the Batmobile

The latest episode of the promotional webseries ‘Arkham Insider’ catches up with game director Sefton Hill to talk about the many uses of the Batmobile that people can expect when the game drops.

Speaking to the importance of the Batmobile to the game, Hill says, “It was the one thing we wanted to do that we really hadn’t had a chance to do was deliver the keys to this amazing vehicle, to give the player the freedom of Gotham City not only as Batman gliding above the streets…and really complete that whole Batman experience.”

“It’s an extension of Batman,” Hill says. “So it helps him in every single way. It helps you in combat, it helps you in puzzle solving, it can be controlled remotely.” He also goes on to point out the many uses of the car as it pertains to Battle Mode. These include omni-directional tires that allow for full evasive maneuvers, as well as an EMP that can disrupt the signal of enemy tanks and turn them to your side. “It’s one car versus an army. So this has to be the most badass car you’ve ever seen. Because you’re taking on thousands of troops, hundreds of tanks, hundreds of drone forces. This is all that stands between Gotham being completely taken over and Batman protecting his city.”

Switching gears to Pursuit Mode and the new Riddler Racetrack, senior designer Adam Jones says, “They’re more than a racetrack, they’re a puzzle. They’re a racetrack and a puzzle combined. It’s Riddler testing Batman’s intelligence, trying to prove that he’s more intelligent. He’s testing the Batmobile to its limits.”

Jody Sargent, senior environment artist, adds, “I think the challenge was they were these massive tracks…we took it into these big, underground caves. And they’re all based around Gotham water, so there’s dams, there’s crazy sewer pipes and everything.”

Source – Batman Arkham YouTube

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