DC All Access: ‘Batman: Arkham Knight’- Side Missions


Like you, we’ve been talking nonstop about Batman: Arkham Knight, but there’s still a lot of secrecy about the story and gameplay. In this exclusive DC All Access clip, we go straight to the source for answers with Rocksteady Marketing Producer Dax Ginn. Will you be able to play as different characters? What sort of side missions will Batman: Arkham Knight have? And what are the Riddler Racetracks? Answers to all of these questions and more await you!

The story in Batman: Arkham City was spectacular of course, but what I put all my time into (more hours than I care to count) was completing the optional side missions and reaching that incredibly satisfying 100%. With as massive as the open world in Arkham Knight is said to be, I can only imagine just how much they’ve managed to fit in alongside the generally mysterious narrative. So far, all I’ve gleaned is that Scarecrow has devised a plan (that I’m just so sure is going to be foolproof), which will finally allow the criminals of Gotham to kill The Batman and take over the city. That alone could fill an entire game, no extra content needed; but that’s only a mere fraction of everything this game is seemingly going to offer. I think it’s pretty safe to say that this final installment of the masterful Arkham trilogy will bring us the countless hours of joy, entertainment, and general badassery one would expect to have while Being The Batman.

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