UD Replicas Batman: Arkham Knight Review

Hi guys, Nashville’s Dark Knight and writer for DKN Adam Prince here to give you a small review on UD Replicas newest motorcycle suit – Batman: Arkham Knight. In this video I give a breakdown on how the suit looks as well as some of features that come along with the suit.

Like I said at the end of the video regarding the pants: if you have an ordering problem, the awesome staff will help correct it. I would like to thank David Pea ( UD Replicas Owner) and his staff for making another great suit and for all the time they put into detailing the suit from top to bottom. Please head over to www.udreplicas.com to check out more of the work they put out as well as head over to UD Replicas Facekbook page to keep updated on what they get into next.

Source- Dark Knight News via Nashville’s Dark Knight YouTube page.

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