Super Cafe: And the Reboot Goes To

HISHE (How It Should Have Ended) presents an episode of Super Cafe, a show comprised of shorts that provide satirical Superhero commentary and discussion.

Episode 9, entitled “And the Reboot Goes To,” features Batman and Superman briefly discussing the lack of superhero film presence and consideration at the Oscar Awards Ceremonies — in addition to the discussion of Hollywood tendencies to reboot superhero films.

Don’t forget to start your day with coffee, if you want to be just like…Batman.  Indeed, coffee fuels interesting (and sometimes satirical) discussion…and indeed, superhero films have see a handful of reboots.  Will it ever end?  Probably not.  Perhaps that is the reason why Batman has been coursing through the world’s veins for the past 75+ years — he is a timeless character that has (and will have seen) numerous iterations and developments.  We all have our favorite interpretations of the character, however.  Cheers to Christian Bale and Kevin Conroy!  Cheers to all Batmen!

Source: HISHE

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