‘Beware The Batman’ Concludes In Surprise Marathon This Weekend

Beware The Batman will go down as the Batman show the was never given a chance. It seemingly came at a time when Cartoon Network wanted to go in a different direction from serious, dramatic cartoons. The show was never really granted a true toy line and nobody will soon forget its abrupt pulling from airwaves last fall after only 11 episodes.

When the show did finally return last spring, it was placed in the fantastic time slot of 3 am. Since then, it has shifted to different slots, though not too distant. Heck, it was announced last week that the show would move again in October.

Now comes the latest development: the show will now conclude its run in a marathon that will air all remaining episodes this weekend. I’m baffled as to why a show featuring Batman has been treated like this. Hopefully all those episodes will be available soon On Demand. It’s also worth mentioning that episodes 14-26 will be available on DVD next week in the form of Beware The Batman: Season 1, Part 2 – Dark Justice. Maybe that’s our answer right there – they didn’t want “new” episodes airing after the DVD release.

Here’s the schedule for the marathon, complete with descriptions:

Beware the Batman “Doppelganger”
Airing at 2:30am (ET/PT) on September 27th, 2014
Batman and Katana encounter a strange Man Bat creature, who is the experimental result of Pyg and Toad’s animal army of mutated humans.

Beware the Batman “Unique”
Airing at 3:00am (ET/PT) on September 27th, 2014
An old friend of Bruce Wayne’s comes to him for help, when her father has been cloned by a mysterious organization to create an army of super soldier manhunters.

Beware the Batman “Hero”
Airing at 3:30am (ET/PT) on September 27th, 2014
Desperate to rid the city of Batman, Harvey Dent allies with Anarky, who recruits a new hero to take Batman’s place… the hired killer Deathstroke.

Beware the Batman “Choices”
Airing at 4:00am (ET/PT) on September 27th, 2014
When Batman and Katana are ambushed in the Gotham subway by Killer Croc, it’s up to Barbara Gordon to save them. Only one problem: Barbara’s on a date.

Beware the Batman “Epitaph”
Airing at 4:30am (ET/PT) on September 27th, 2014
When Bruce Wayne is “assassinated” by Batman, he lets the world think he’s dead and goes in search of the imposter – the Bad Batman.

Beware the Batman “Twist”
Airing at 5:00am (ET/PT) on September 27th, 2014
Batman continues to work in secret to find answers, while Harvey Dent recovers in Gotham Hospital. Blaming Batman for everything, he enacts martial law in Gotham.

Beware the Batman “Alone”
Airing at 5:30am (ET/PT) on September 27th, 2014
When Alfred is taken hostage by Deathstroke in the Batcave, Batman must face him alone. Harvey Dent reveals his true nature as Two-Face.

Source: The World’s Finest

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