Batman: Eternal #10 Review


Sorry DKN readers for my tardiness. I had a long weekend out of town. But enough about me.

Synopsis: Batman and Catwoman, together again, as Professor Pyg returns.

That about sums up Batman:Eternal #10, except it’s more of a Catwoman/Falcone story. John Layman again does the scripts for this issue and what a great job he does weaving in and out of the already large story this team is telling (can you believe it’s only issue #10?). I didn’t think I’d get into jumping multiple story lines, multiple times, in multiple issues… but I dig it! Why? Because this team is doing it so well. Here are a few things you can look out for this time:

  • The Cat and Carmine
  • Pennyworth problems
  • Batgirl tease
  • Bard & Vale?
  • Spoiler alert!
  • Pyg’s operation
  • Batman badassery
  • The real villain



This story is still building, yet has already laid a ton of groundwork. I’m loving where this is headed… because I have no idea where it’s going! If you haven’t already, BUY IT. And if for some reason you haven’t jumped on board with Batman:Eternal, get on it! You’re missing out.

Rating: 8.5/10


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