Rumor: Jim Gordon May Appear in Batman v. Superman

Jim Gordon may appear in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, according to Batman on Film, which is a news/fan site that was established in 1998.  BOF states that one unnamed source, referred to as FOBOF (perhaps, a Friend of Batman on Film), has suggested via email that Commissioner James Gordon may have a role in the upcoming Batman-Superman movie; however, BOF cannot yet firmly substantiate this rumor.

Regarding the FBOF(s) email about Gordon in Batman v. Superman, BOF said:

This dude shot me an email about a week or so ago letting me in on a bit of info [Gordon in BvS] he heard and wanted to know if any other FOBOF’s might have heard the same thing. I checked around, but I did not hear anything (yet) that allows me to proclaim this as anything rumor.

Despite the fact that James Gordon’s possible upcoming appearance is currently a rumor, BOF said this:

Since the Batman [character] of BvS is supposed to be a “seasoned, weary, grizzled crime-fighting veteran,” it’s safe to assume that most – if not all – of the Batman Family (and Bat-Villains) already exist in the new DC Cinematic Universe. Based on that line of thinking, a short appearance by Jim Gordon certainly isn’t out the realm of possibility. However, I’ve got to think that since the role of Gordon is such an iconic and important part of the Batman mythos, if the character was really in the film the part would have already been cast and we’d know with whom.

Logically, one could safely assume that Gordon should be featured in the film, despite our current lack of certainty; aren’t characters like Alfred and Gordon necessary aspects of the Batman universe, or perhaps the Bat-Family?  If Batman will be an older, seasoned veteran, then Gordon (and Alfred) should obviously be older, as well.

While Alfred will be portrayed by Jeremy Irons, Gordon’s potential casting could very well be up for grabs. BOF suggests Kurt Russel, and despite the fact that Kurt Russel is awesome, I beg to differ.  Isn’t there a Gordon we already know and love?  My choice is Gary Oldman.  Again.

Source: Batman on Film

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