Son of Batman WonderCon Premiere – Fan Incites Awkwardness with Question

DC’s next animated feature, Son of Batman premiered this weekend to the attendees of WonderCon.

DC’s presence at this year’s WonderCon was obvious. People are still reporting on the events of the 75th anniversary Batman panel and of course, the Son of Batman premiere. And this is where our news comes from today. The premiere seemed to go off without a hitch. However, it was in the Q&A with the cast and crew that followed is what the Internet will likely be talking about later in the day.

The panel started out with some interesting answers. When asked about the production’s decision on which parts to incorporate from Grant Morrison’s long-running Batman and Son, producer James Tucker responded with,  “We didn’t have 20 hours to tell the complete comic book story, so we had to pick and choose. Deathstroke [main antagonist] was in the arc from the beginning — there were certain iconic things that we wanted to touch on and we’re not done yet.”

That last part… the “we’re not done yet” was enough to arouse some suspicion. Of course, fans picked up on it and immediately began inquiring about whether or not they would continue with sequels or pick from other stories in the arc. However, the cast and crew remained tight-lipped on that and deflected any questions on the subject.

However, the juiciest part of the story. The TMZ-worthy comic book drama came up when a very brave and brazen soul went up to the mic and asked: “It seems like you are so dependent on Batman across all of Warner Bros. Do you even like the other characters in the DC universe?”

Quick to react, the moderator interrupted the fan and informed the panel that they need not answer. The panel countered and asked the fan exactly which character he’d like to see onscreen, to which he answered Hawkman and Aquaman. A panelist shouted in return, “Guess you didn’t see The Brave and the Bold.” Presumably, he meant the animated TV series. 

The incident, though slight, could be indicative of the growing frustration among comic book fans with DC. Since 2007, DC has put out a total of 19 animated feature films. Of the 19 feature films released thus far, only 7 of them do not feature the Dark Knight. Since 1989, when DC first discovered that Batman cash cow, half of their live-action theatrical efforts were Batman or some character associated with him (Catwoman). Their animated TV output has been primarily populated by Batman, characters related to Batman, or the Justice League.

As a Batman fan, it doesn’t bother me at all to see how much love the Bat gets, but I definitely understand the frustration.This year, DC has been heavy on the Bats, but for good reason. It’s the 75th anniversary of one of their most profitable characters, cut DC a break. It’s a time for celebration, yo.

Son of Batman will be on DVD/Blu-ray on May 6th.

Source – DenofGeek

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