Get Your Salt Ready

We’re all bracing for the next bombshell news concerning Zack Snyder’s Batman vs. Superman, but until then have to take everything with a grain of salt. Comic Book Movie has the latest scoop on “rumors” about the upcoming superhero bash. I’m not going to waste your time, so brace yourself… and get your salt ready.

1) The Flash WILL be in the movie, however just as Barry Allen. Apparently, Warner Bros. is looking at Grant Gustin for the role but there is a catch. As Arrow fans know, the fastest man alive will be making his small-screen debut in a few episodes and fan reaction will determine whether he will make it to the big screen.

Is THIS Barry Allen?

2) Wonder Woman will ALSO be in the movie, but not decked in her costume. She will be referred to as Diana, and that’s it. Israeli Gal Gadot is apparently the front runner for that role (Read Ryan Shields’ report here).


Is THIS Wonder Woman?

3) Lex Luthor is going to be in the movie (duh), but will shift away from earlier film interpretations, and have a “Superman is not good for mankind” mentality from Grant Morrison’s All Star Superman. The twist is that Metropolis LOVES him, and finds him as a hero.


Isn’t THIS funny?

4) Terry O’Quinn (Lost) is the latest name to be thrown in the mix as Superman’s arch-nemesis, after James Purefoy (FOX’s The Following) wanted nothing to do with the movie (damn!).

5) Finally, WB wants an African-American love-interest for Bruce Wayne, and not just a one night stand. They want this woman to be in serious cahoots with the bachelor, even knowing his secret identity. Reportedly, Ben Affleck is reading with a number of actresses this week to see if any chemistry is sparked.

What are your thoughts on the rumor mill? Let us know below!

Source: Comic Book Movie

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