James Tynion IV is leaving Talon

Fans of the newest New 52 Batman spin-off Talon may know that James Tynion IV is the writer of Talon and has been since issue #0. Talon #14 is going to be his final issue and it will be coming out in December. He’s excited for the new writer of Talon beginning issue #15, Marguerite Bennett, who made her New 52 debut in Batman Annual #2. Tynion goes on to say he’s excited about his new stuff, such as Batman: Eternal and several other things he’ll be working on but cannot tell us anything yet.

So yeah! Issues 12-14 are the BIG FINALE of everything I’ve been building towards since #0. Could not be more excited for you all to see!  Just to be clear for folks who haven’t read the solicits! Talon is NOT cancelled! @EvilMarguerite is writing #15 and it’s going to be GREAT!”


Source: Bleeding Cool

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