Meanwhile…Batman and Two-Face #24

SPOILER WARNINGS! A lot of really cool moments happen weekly in comics. Given the number of titles related to the Dark Knight, it’s kinda hard to follow them all. Every week I’ll recap what I consider the coolest, most memorable moment in the DC Bat-Universe. With that said, please know that these articles will contain SPOILERS. You’ve been warned.

Peter Tomasi, Patrick Gleason and Mick Gray put out my favorite Bat-book month in, month out. It feels like this is the only bat-book that:

  1. cares about continuity
  2. tells character motivated stories (not just huge crossover events)
  3. features the amazing art of Patrick Gleason and Mick Gray

With that said, this month’s issue of Batman and Two-Face #24 told us Harvey Dent’s New 52 origin. A new character was introduced this issue that played a crucial part in Harvey’s disfigurement. Spoilers ahead…

Pretty gruesome, right? Losing your wife and then being strapped down to suffer this kind of torture is pretty reprehensible. My only complaint is that this officially makes the Long Halloween and it’s follow-up, Dark Victory, not part of continuity. At best, these books are now Elseworlds titles. Add these books to more great Batman books that I read that no longer matter. It makes me pretty sad.

Still, this was a great book and a great Bat-moment. I’m really looking forward to how this ties into Carrie Kelly’s origin and the impact this will have done the road. Keep up the great work, guys. I love this book.

That’s my moment of the week. Disagree, have another moment that stood out in the bat-books, or you agree with me? Let us know by leaving your comments below or hitting us up on Facebook or Twitter.
See you next week…same bat-day, same bat- website.


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