Batsignal Put Up For Batmans Love Interest In Bat

by Ryan Shields
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The latest rumor to come out concerning the new Bats vs Supes movies (just announce its called Worlds Finest already) is about the love interest for the Caped Crusader.  Latino Reviw, yes I know, posted that a casting call has been put out for a late 20s woman of any ethnicity to play her. And that’s just about it. While this literally could be any one of Bruce’s flings, its most likely nobody important to the franchise. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if this came out to be true, after all a hero needs a lover to come home to, I just don’t see the need for it. The biggest relationship that this movie will have will be between Bruce and Clark by day and Batman and Superman most likely by night.  So as always, take this dishing of news with a dash of salt.  All I really want is for Bruce to flirt with Lois, then later have Superman push Batman through a field of crops, repeadatly punching him in the face screaming, “YOU THINK YOU CAN FLIRT WITH MY WOMAN?!”. Admit it, you want it to happen too now that I’ve said it. You’re welcome. images

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