NFL bans “Bane Masks”

“Do you feel in charge?”

When your team’s win record is ashes, you have my permission to cry.  Bane and Football have been linked since the early trailers and buzz around the Dark Knight Rises, thanks to that whole “blowing up a Football field” and then sending Gotham into complete anarchy with his little speech about a bomb that could go off at any time. A lot of NFL players have taken to wearing similar masks as Bane’s from that movie, and the NFL isn’t happy about it. They’re so not pleased about this turn of events, they have decided to ban the use of wearing any kind of Bane mask by the players themselves. While they had worn them during training camp and at other points  the NFL said that the kind of the masks these players wear are not standard issue for face masks, and are not allowed to be worn unless they had a health condition that merited it. I mean, I assume if they had been horribly maimed in some kind of underground prison riot, they’d be allowed to wear it, but it seems that for now, our line(back)breaker Banes will have to take off the mask. Fans are trying to fight this decision because they have always dreamed of seeing Bane tackling their most hated sports teams, and I can’t blame them.

Source: ComicBook.Com

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