Batgirl: Spoiled Episode 2 Review

The highly anticipated release of Batgirl: Spoiled episode 2 has finally arrived!

If you haven’t watched the episode yet, beware of spoilers!



The first episode leaves us off with Harley Quinn and Catwoman coming to Batgirl’s rescue. Episode 2 starts off with Batgirl recapping what had happened, surveying her wounds and even shows us the fight that ensued with Harley and Catwoman. During one of these cutscenes, we find out that Poison Ivy has ears all over town, and sent Catwoman and Harley to Batgirl’s aid. This encounter, and the whole fight, causes Oracle and Batman himself to become concerned. Batgirl and Batman get into a heated argument, leaving off with him reprimanding her for essentially dishonoring the Bat symbol she wears so proudly.

While some of the episode is straight-forward and to the point, it still seems a bit dodgy. Web series aren’t expected to be perfect, and Batgirl: Spoiled has definitely done well with the budget and struggles they’ve ensued. And I like the dark theme they’ve got going on. It just seems that overall, the acting could be a bit better and the scenes put together a little more cleanly. But I’m just one voice, and despite my nit picking, I plan to keep up with this series. They’re still in the beginning stages, and nothing is perfect right out the door.

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