Arkham Origins: Familiar, but Enticing

Arkham Origins developers, WB Montreal, assure that their upcoming video game, set to be released on October 25, 2013, not only features authentic and essential Arkham gameplay, but also provides an important story relevant to the Batman universe.

Creative Director, Eric Holmes, says “…And I think as soon as you’ve got the pad in your hand, you’re going to see that this game is authentic and uses the same underpinnings and core mechanics of the previous Arkham games.”

Crime pays…with a mouthful of armored knuckles.

Considering available footage of Arkham Origins thus far, one could easily perceive that the upcoming game sticks to Rocksteady’s freeflow combat system, such that the player will once again attempt to string together freely flowing flurries of firm punches, one a a time, or in bursts; however, I suppose we won’t be entirely certain until we play the game.

For those who fear that the gameplay will actually feel too familiar, consider that Holmes says, “…I think we have a great story…I can’t tell you too much about…but I can tell you I’m really excited about our story. I think it’s a very important Batman story and I think fans are going to love that probably more than any other thing in the game;” if familiar gameplay isn’t broken, perhaps WB Montreal didn’t have to fix it — either way, a strong story may fuel the thirst for combo-based, XP-boosting combat.

Since Rocksteady has given WB Montreal its vote of confidence, one can deduce that Origins should be a strong release in the Arkham franchise, especially if one considers Batman’s new armored, kevlar-under-metal look (which might be perceived as more realistic or function-forward), coupled with some intense gameplay and cinematics seen via previously released E3 footage.

Let us know what you think of the gameplay, combat, and visual style!

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Sources: Gamespot, Cinemablend

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