PREVIEWS: Red Hood & The Outlaws Annual #1: Trust Fall

The 5th week in the month usually leads to DC Comics events, and since the New 52 launch, the 5th week usually means 3-4 annuals coming out.  This annual has been building up more and more and at this point is almost guaranteed to be jammed packed of characters and action.  First you have the events of last issue with Green Arrow showing up.  Then you have the teases of Bronze Tiger and Cheshire recently by DC Comics to appear in Red Hood.  Finally the whole spin out of Death of the Family with Jason’s memory.  The preview gives us a hint about the number that Jason has killed (in my opinion even before the New 52, the number does seem low), and paves the way for a lot of stories in this issue for all 3 members of the Outlaws.  The cover also gives hints to Green Arrow who was solicited with the annual, Cheshire, and possibly another masked female connection to Jason or the team’s past.

What are you expecting from the annual?  What do you want to see from Roy’s, Starfire’s, or Jason’s past?  How will Cheshire and Green Arrow come into play? Who is the masked woman on the cover?

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Source: CBR

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