A new sidekick for Wrath

It was reported the other day that the upcoming Nu52 version of the old Bronze Age Batman villain, Wrath, who’s a sort of  anti-Batman, will be appearing Detective Comics soon. Wrath is someone who has plenty of gadgets and resources to keep up with someone like the Dark Knight but he has something special that not many Batman villains have. Something that Batman has always given him an edge over most of his enemies, and that is a partner. Batman’s always had his loyal partner Robin at his side,  and his extended Bat-family as well to give him the edge in a lot of confrontations.  Question is, what happens if a villain has the same idea to have a junior partner? There seems to be one now by the name of Scorn, Wrath’s partner in crime who was revealed today on DC Comic’s website.  Scorn is described as reckless compared to Wrath’s careful and precise method of operating, which sounds similar to how the recently killed Damian Wayne acted in battle with Batman. So is Scorn his anti-Robin?  What kind of devious duo will they make? Find out in Detective Comics soon.

Source: DC Comics

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