Previews: Batman Inc #11 Featuring the Batman of Japan

I have to be honest, I really don’t know what this issue may contain.  So much that Batman Inc and the Grant Morrison’s Batman story that light could be shined on, and for a spotlight/featuring issue with only 4 issues left is a bit of a surprise.  Maybe the Batman of Japan sheds light on Leviathan/Talia or maybe it will connect to Morrison’s teases about stay tuned to Batman Inc about Damian Wayne.  In any event, the title refers to this issue as an “interlude”, so with the events ending #10 with Batman taking the Man-Bat Serum and becoming a bat, this story may be the set up for issue #12 & #13 and the special to end Morrison’s Batman story.


So will there be a connection to the Batman of Japan and Talia?  Batman of Japan and Damian Wayne?  What will this story show as about Morrison’s ending to his Batman story?

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Source: IGN

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